The trip to Toodyay is around 80 minutes from Perth. It’s a small town and hence ideal for a day trip. The road is fairly straight forward. I remember we were driving through a road in Toodyay and saw this beautiful scenery. I stopped the car and took few pictures. I feel there was so much freshness of colors, so much richness in that moment. A bright sunny afternoon, green grass, blue water, ducks and a happy cow all seem to augment and complete the beauty of the moment. The picture below still hangs in my Perth home.

There were other nice, less congested country roads with good landscape too.

We also came across a cafe with cute sculptures. Due to time constraints, couldn’t go inside but took some pictures. Nevertheless I had a competition with the Humpty Dumpty to see who was fatter.

Toodyay also has Western Australia’s deepest train excavation. If you’re lucky enough you get to see the train passing strike through this track. You’ll probably have to wait here for a while.

Here is a fast forward video of cargo train passing.

The other thing in Toodyay to enjoy is the Coca Cola Museum. There is a cafe inside and a large collection of different Coca Cola products, memorabilia and models of aeroplanes, bikes and cars that people have made from the Cola cans.

If you keep driving towards Northam, you will come across Silo trial. It’s inside the premises of a factory so we decided to park away and take pictures. Be careful where you park your car as there are heavy trucks on the road.

Here are some more pictures from Toodyay trip.


Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez






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