Another weekend and I needed to go somewhere, away from Perth to a quiet place where I could connect to nature. This time, my friend and I decided to head up to Brookton and Beverly. After doing some search on the net, we found Salt water lakes in Beverly. To be precise, the lakes are called Yenyenning Lakes.

Setting off from Perth hills, it is almost 80 minutes away. To be honest, I am now starting to think if it’s the actual travel time or my favourite round off figure. If you have read travel diary entries of York and Toodyay, they were almost 80 minutes away from Perth too.

Speaking of travelling to these lakes, you can take your 2 wheel car although you would need to drive on a gravel road. This place is really good for doing photography. Although it felt like that there are just trees submerged in the salt lake, but doing photography there was a nice experience. It seemed like there were so many angles to take pictures from. From memory, I think there was pretty strong smell possibly because of the salt in water. Thankfully we can breathe through our mouth, so it was ok.

Apart from the saltwater lakes, there was also an aeroplane museum which was unfortunately closed at the time so we couldn’t see.

Trying to apply brakes.

There was a nearby cafe’ where we stopped to get some water and found this rare picture of The Beatles and Mohammad Ali. 

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Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez



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