Dunsborough is almost three hours away from Perth. My favourite places to visit in Dunsborough are Sugarloaf Rock and Canal rocks. We left Perth around 5 30 am to reach Sugarloaf rock around 8 30. It was a cold day and reaching at that time meant that we had the place pretty much by ourselves.

Sugarloaf rock.

This rock structure looked like an eagle to me, pretty sure that there is a familiar structure at Windy harbour, Pemberton.

After taking some pictures, my friend suggested that for a perfect picture I shall step on the stones in the water so the Sugarloaf rock can be captured in background. This is where, for the rest of my life, I learnt the importance of sturdy footwear. When I started stepping from one stone to the other, I slipped over and landed with my hands on the adjacent stone, which meant that my middle finger of the left hand got fractured (Middle finger of all the fingers, how awkward!).

After the slip, somehow managed to smile for the perfect photo!

Anyway as it was the first time ever that I fractured a bone, I was pretty much in denial that it can’t be a fracture, just a painful injury in the cold weather. So it did not stop me from taking more pictures and enjoying the beauty of the nature.

The trees resembled a turtle walking on the hill.

The next place was Canal rocks.

There is a bridge on which you can walk and enjoy watching the water waves hitting the rocks. 

Although I’ve not been to a place called Injidup Natural spa, but if you drive 8 kilometres towards Yallingup, you can enjoy Injidup Natural spa.

After coming back to Perth, I decided to go to Royal Perth hospital, just in case. Over there, the doctor took the x-ray and showed me on my x-ray that my left middle finger had a minor fracture. After that he picked my right hand and moved the right hand middle finger and said “It is amazing that you can see the fracture on the x-ray but clinically there are no signs of fracture in your finger”. I said to doctor “It’s coz you’re holding the wrong hand, the fracture is in the left middle finger, not the right one”. This was a bit of humorous situation, something that I’ll remember as a funny situation despite being told that the finger would take a month to heal. 

In my later visits to Albany and Denmark, I found this painting and decided to buy it as a symbol to keep following what makes you happy despite the bruises and injuries. This one still hangs on the wall in my Perth home.

For more pictures of Dunsborough, please click below.


Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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