As I pass by the morning lake
the welcoming touch the wind seems to make
with the birds, sparrows and the doves
all hymning the praises of my Creator
I raise my hands and bow my head thanking Him for giving me
blessings from heaven’s treasury
for providing me with food, with clothes
with peace and a religion to believe in
how from a dead brown seed
erupts flowers and fruits
of so many colors and tastes
how a shoot turns to a shelter
so I walk my way
hoping to meet Him
who lives in the golden paradise
above the silver rainy sky

As I sit under the shade of tree
looking at the horizon
He seems to be an artist
engraving so many textures, so many shapes
how He gives us sleep and dreams
the flowing rivers, the melting of snow
and the formation of clouds
how philosophies, answers, cues and puzzles
all start to make sense when the right time comes
how fate makes us experience so many surprises, so many coincidents
at times I hope for the day when I can see You
I really wish to prostrate in front of You
to the One who lives in golden paradise
above the silver rainy sky

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2008)
Karachi, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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