Over the broken leaves in the autumn
and over the fallen absorbed tears and little memories
I walk again over the same old road
thinking about you and days when we fell in love
where we could see feathers of a dove
a walk alone with no one around
silence prevailed yet we heard the sound
the voice came from within the heart
this is how our love became an art
to that day when it all started
to the joys that we had created
the moments spent together
engraving the memories forever
never wondering any thing could break us apart
never thought our love was such an immature piece of art
it was yet to grow and play its part
I can’t believe the way we had to depart
never knew spring will have to leave this way
leaving me thinking about you everyday
in our love I thought autumn never comes
could never think how bitter life becomes
the autumn came and you left
can’t even shout at this theft
autumn turned the leaves from green to brown to red
leaving me physically alive and mentally dead
with my heart full of regret
mourning over what I could not get
as the walking track moves forward
my thoughts move further backward
still thinking wondering searching for some chance
to make up for that lost dance
to the rhythms of which leaves swayed
trees bent and clouds rained
birds chirped and flowers blossomed
cheering our cheers we passed our times
everyday making new rhymes
I wonder why can’t I stay there
with you all around and everywhere
I suddenly hit the stone and stumble
heard someone loudly grumble
I looked around and found you
held you tight before I could lose you
you disappeared as if you were never there
and now spring echoes nowhere
autumn has come and spring is gone
but I know autumn too would be gone
winter will come and kill autumn
spring will revive the leaves now rotten
summer will return the joys once forgotten
though I know I can never make up for the leaves of joys broken

Written by Dr. Madiha Nawaz & Muhammad Wasif Haq (2004)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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