It’s always hard to leave
but I hold on to the belief
we two are flowers of love’s seed
all what both of us ever need
my departure doesn’t mean
our love and connection will become ever weak
even if we are not near
you’re the interpretation of my every dream
the sound behind all what I speak
I want to be the memory that makes you smile
the essence that completes your life

The day I wait is the day I’ll see you again
that day will take away all the sadness and the pain
our laughter that echoes all across the glen
I wait to read and kiss all that you write by your pen
 hear your messages in the chirps of wren
I will hold onto your whispers and memories till then
after all we are nature’s quintessence
our love is felt and reflected in spring fragrance
you’re the meaning behind my every verse
the one who completes my universe
the interpretation of all what I observe
you’re all what makes me verve
giving me much more than I deserve

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez

Picture taken by Chris Webb, obtained with kind permission.


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