Verse one:

Autumn turns to winter and winter turns to spring
and as the flowers grow, my heart starts to sing
this is the beginning of a life that is new
as the sun rises and daffodils shine in morning dew
time to start anew as a new season begins
if I let this stuff beat me then it’s the devil who wins


cause this is a new beginning
I played the game before
but now I’m going to be winning
this is a new beginning
I know cause through the clouds
I hear the birds singing
this is a new beginning
the birds are telling me
that this is a new beginning

Verse two:

The doubts in my mind cloud the fact that it’s spring
but I’ll climb the highest mountain and spread my wings
I’ll fly like a bird to leave my troubles below
down in the gutter cause I don’t like the seeds that they sow
the seeds that grow in my mind into weeds that can kill
but they won’t grow this time, I’ll fly above the hills

Written by Neil Curran (2004)
United Kingdom
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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