He was:

a stranger ,in the town
roaming here there and around
the coldness inside him could freeze down
love and care were something he never found

his looks and cold eyes stare
which shot like a sharp spare
he looked for love ,this was his dare
he found no one and got no where

Man of ice may tear the soul apart
beware of his frozen heart…!

Part 2

She was:

like a dragon in disguise
her beauty was what mesmerized
she caught everyone’s attention
but what she wanted she never mentioned

beauty was in her every dance
her mood depicted in every trance
happiness, anger, fear and despair
her hopes burning like a flare

Girl of fire went far and near
and found no one who could care

Part 3

Ice and fire came face to face,

he went past her in this fear
his coldness could kill her flare
he could not ask his love to stay
so he let her stray ,he let her stray

around him she could not stay
she could melt him down right away
his coldness didn’t let her near
his footsteps only she could hear

Part 4

Ice and fire …are in a game
where neither wins nor gets fame

beneath her flame and his cold frame
they are both the same , they are both the same

Written by Z.Q. (2015)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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