Albany and surrounding areas are my all time favorite places to visit in Western Australia.  Although I’ve done a few day trips to Albany, it is best to go for at least 2-3 days to enjoy this beautiful southern gem of Western Australia. I wouldn’t recommend day trips if you are the only one who can drive. It’s best to take turns and take breaks all along the way, be it photography breaks or stopping for coffee, hot chips, grabbing a bottle of coca cola and having some snacks. As most of my trips begin early morning, I always make sure that the kangaroo whistles are still attached to my car. They are around 8 dollars but really useful to keep the kangaroos from getting close to your car (or at least I like to believe that they are useful!).

On the way you might find a skeleton sitting on a bench, ha ha ha. Don’t be scared, it’s a Halloween theme cafe.

Traveling to Albany from Perth takes almost 4.5 hours. On most visits, we leave Perth around 4:30 am and reach Albany around 9:00 am.

Upon entering Albany, Port of Albany and a rock that for some reasons remind me of Japan await to welcome you to this beautiful town.

If you keep driving a bit, you will discover a replica of brig Amity ship. I am not that much interested in history, so I gave it a skip.

After a long drive, who wouldn’t be starving for food? York street has great and diverse food places including Vegetarian, Italian, Middle Eastern/Halal, Chinese and a lot more. Anyway let’s get to the business, some of the great places to see in Albany are:

Torndirrup National Park (Must visit The gap, Natural Bridge and the Blowholes)

This national park has amazing sites to see.

The gap

The gap has a viewing platform from which you can see the depth of the rocks and the beautiful color of water. It is advisable to stay on the marked paths as it can be very tempting to step on the rocks.

I find the best time to visit the gap is early morning. Not only can you appreciate the sunrise and the changing colors of the sky, but having less people makes it much easier to just stand and observe the beauty and serenity. Also it makes it much more easier to take pictures.

Natural bridge

After taking some pictures and feeling the rush of fresh breeze on my face, it was time to see the Natural Bridge. It was just a 3 minute walk from The gap. Natural bridge is an absolute beauty as it is a collection of rocks that have naturally formed a bridge, hence the name. The best part is when the water waves swipe beneath the rocks.

After spending some time at Natural bridge, it was now time to head to the Blowholes. The drive was around 7-8 minutes.


At blowholes, there is bit of a walk. I love the surrounding scenery.

One has to be patient at Blowholes as there may be times when the water waves may not be hitting and entering in the holes/crevices in the rocks and making the sound.

I remember the first time I heard the sound of blowholes, it reminded me of Bowser releasing fire in Super Mario Bros.

(Image courtesy:

One more thing that I love about blowholes is that sometimes you might be able to see the splitting of light in rainbow colors when the water droplets rise from the rocks. So blowholes is really a place of luck, you’re lucky if you can hear if the blowholes are active and you’re lucky if you can see the rainbow.

Some fun never hurt anyone.

Jimmy Newells Harbour.

The next beautiful spot is Jimmy Newells Harbour. It’s a very calm body of water. Not very many people around. The best thing is the diversity and clarity of water here.

Windmill farm

Only and only if you have time, you can visit Windmill farm. I love spending time there too especially near the sunset. Listening to the sound of windmills is also soothing. If I’m staying for more than a day, Windmill farm is usually the first thing in the morning when exiting Albany.

There is a little walking track. I love the Aboriginal belief quotation that you can read amongst many others when on the walking track.

Time for some dinner, so headed back to York street and had some Kebabs. After the dinner, we decided to call it a day.

Next morning, we drove to Mount Melville lookout point before leaving for Denmark.

Off to Denmark.

Denmark is around 40 minutes drive from Albany.

On the way we keep seeing “Children Crossing” signs and wonder why would children be crossing at 110 kilometers highway? Considering that both sides of the roads are fenced, so we can’t stop imagining where do the children come from, where do they go and will it be safer to put pedestrian crossing overhead bridges? Some of the children crossing signs are at odd places such as at the road dips, bends and few even in the overtaking lane. Well back to business.

Elephant rocks

Elephant rocks are a collection of rocks that resemble an elephant standing in the water, hence the name.

You can climb on the rocks if you have good boots.


You can climb down the stairs at Elephant rocks and squeeze your way through the rocks to access the beach. You may get wet as water enters the crevice from time to time, it’s fun to time your running accordingly.

Next was Walpole which is an hour drive from Denmark.

Giant tree top walk

Giant tree top walk is a walk on a platform amongst the tall trees.

What’s more soothing than to breathe and dream in a fresh air environment?

For more pictures of Albany, Denmark and Walpole, please click below


Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2018)
Perth, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez







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