Distance is the block that is so very hard
but love can survive through every single yard
and if your dreams are really meant to be
then the door will be opened with fate’s own key
you have your whole life in front of you
plenty of time to do what you want to do
the clouds of despair will make way for the sun to shine
and then love’s water will be turned into wine

Nothing is impossible if we really want it to be
it’s just that sometimes that is very hard to see
believe me when i say that love will find a way
that day will come closer with every prayer that you pray
you can’t see with your eyes when you are so far apart
but you can feel each other within your heart
so it really doesn’t matter about the miles and the time
because in the end, everything will be just fine

Written by Neil Curran (2004)
United Kingdom
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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