Like the pure smile you smile
when you have a happy dream
the joys it brings
and the way it elevates you to another state
I’ve found so many reasons to believe
in the meaning of every beat of your heart
both of us are meant to be
the ones who complete and augment each other
you take away all my sorrows
and give me joys
making ways to the undiscovered rivers of love
that sleep secretly in my heart
through such ease, you release me of unwanted
I feel so free, so new
it’s your love that makes me feel so high as
Daffodils on the trees

Like a prayer fulfilled
like a miracle seen
I’ve come to believe
in the love that binds hearts together
your every word carries a story
every feeling carries a meaning
it’s a joy to find how we discover and uncover nature’s gifts
that we never knew existed so close to us
you take me away from myself
and give me a new me
Lord! I’ve never loved myself before
I feel so free, so new
It’s your love that makes me feel so high
As daffodils on the trees

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2011)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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