Hope, all I want is hope
all I want is hope
all I want, all I want is hope
Please give me some hope

Verse one:

I hope that the winter will pass very soon
I hope that green grass will grow in the moon
I hope that the birds will soon start to sing
I hope that my phone will soon start to ring
oh, cause my world is empty
cause my world is lonely
and I need someone to hold….

Verse two:

I hope that the flowers will grow in my mind
I hope that love won’t be too hard to find
I hope that the circus comes to my town
I hope that the rain will stop pouring down
oh, cause my life is darkness
cause my life is so very cold
and I need someone, I need someone to hold….

Written by “Neil Curran” (2004)
United Kingdom
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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