It’s a long tale
of the love growing pale
don’t know where to start
it’s always hard to talk of things that don’t last
how did one day
a man with blue eyes on an eyot
fell in love with a green eyed girl
the gentle breeze blew
opening the love’s bud
no one ever had a clue
of the storm that was waiting to arise
it was not too long for their love
that the wild wind blew
tearing down the story
separating them as the soul from the body
time passed on and on
days went on and on
but didn’t come a news of that girl ever
yet the man kept waiting for that fairy on eyot forever
passed he the days of youth in waiting for her
but the girl never came back
she never came back

The man still talks of her with the sparrows, with the flowers
with the butterflies, with the raindrops of rain showers
poor he believes that she still lives somewhere
close and near to his heart
poor he still dreams of her smiling
with a dimple on her face
his eyes still carry that haze
waiting and longing for her to return
hoping for the fate to take a turn
he still thinks that one day
she will still come back on the same eyot
and hold his hand once more
to know about his sincerity
his love that never died in all this time
his love that never died

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez


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