The heavenly water nourishes the seeds spread all around
the stars in the skies, the flowers on the ground
the scented morning wind unwraps the petals of the flowers
upon its ascent to the skies, it uncovers the shining stars
while the flowers are glorified by the sunlight
the stars become the pride of the dark night
and when the stars reach down, they turn into flowers
Stars and flowers
no matter how far from each other they are
they look alike, so much the same if you can see
how stars and flowers appear to be
like pearls in the sky and the diamonds in the sea

The pouring rain cleanses away the shining stars
while the dew purifies their counterparts
even though there are different colors of different flowers
you’ll find the same colors in the shine of the ‘night flowers’
the angels seem to sow the seeds of the stars in the garden above
and here the flowers blossom after receiving gardener’s care and love
along with the moon, the stars glow
under the sunlight the ‘earthly stars’ grow
Stars and flowers
seem to mirror and resemble each other
as if connected by wind, dew and rain to one another
just like two close friends, two sincere brothers.

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2015)
Adelaide, Australia
The page is a part of Cool Bluez



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