Falling down the black hole of the pain I have hidden
on my mind are the people I have never forgiven
years were forgotten like tears in the rain
life pretended to move on after all the pain
I lay like a corpse, all emotions were dead
my mind had moved on, but my heart was of lead

Trying to find my way through the minefield of my mind
emotions are exploding and round the corner I find
another hope, fear or feeling that I tried to hide
and I realise that for too long to myself i have lied
I must now face my fears through the hard times to come
I must let the tears flow to stop my heart from being numb

It’s time to long for tomorrow, but live for today
It’s time for life to finally let me have my say
accept the bad feelings and the pain that is there
but also to realize that maybe other people do care
maybe after all I won’t forever be a lonely tree
because I live in the forest of life that is wild and free

Written by Neil Curran (2004)
United Kingdom
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