I tried to fly super high
kissing the flowers like a butterfly
touching the soft petals of rose
sitting there till I doze
dozing off led me to dream
my dream was supreme
in my dream I had seen
how the world could be so mean
overlooking the hidden facts
believing their surface acts
trusting the unworthy dears
for their cause leaving my own fears
forgetting about the life I have
trying to comfort for what you didn’t have
actually sacrificing my own life
donated myself under the world’s ruthless knife
putting myself down upon your feet
smilingly accepting your victory over my defeat
resting on that prickled bed
never said I am dead
thought life moves on this way
leaving a window open for a ray
suddenly felt a tremor of pain
you left before I could complain
blaming me for what I could not do
but I tell you that I was about to
before I could shout for help
my wings were cut and tongue tied
I looked for the window once left opened
my heart’s murmurs left me to sigh
over the flight intended super high
with eyes that went dry
no tear left to cry
I still am thinking of a way to run
dying to walk under the ray of sun
ouch! pinched me a thorn of rose I sat on
that I once flew, sat and dozed upon
opened my eyes and thanked my God
for the bitter lessons that I had been taught

Written by Dr. Madiha Nawaz (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan
The page is a part of Cool Bluez



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