If I would have it ever known
for a second or so
I would not have let you go
but I just missed it OH!

If I would have the slightest idea
I would have stopped the moments
slowed the time and held the waves
crushed the snatchers and killed the raves

If I just knew that it’s the last time we have met
I would have told you all with nothing left to regret
I did not but you have told me to forget
but I truly know now it’s too late to get

You could have just given me a hint
that we are to depart forever
trying to have each other never
not to think ever about us together

I am repenting that time
how can I ever find
those unending moments
of joys, pleasure and a chime
that used to ring when only I wanted it to
letting it ring every time I had cherished you

Those moments can never come back I know
but if I would have held u tight and never let you go
if that could occur even now
I tell u what I would have done that too
but time said I was late then and now
alas! In the end I am a loser WOW!

Written by Dr.Madiha Nawaz (2003)
Islamabad, Pakistan.

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  1. Can’t believe- I could read write about future, TIME- if I could ever stop you there and then and undo the things which I shouldn’t have done, and if I could tell you to halt there and then go back to where I began- I would have just done it. But that’s only if I would have if ever known!!!!!


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