Ask me who has got broken heart
ask me how does it feel
when you pretend to live like everyone else
even when you’re like the dead
when I lie to myself and the world by laughing
A 1000 Laughter everyday
in the crowd
my heart’s haunted by this fake sound
my soul weeps within
when I know no one’s there to stop and listen
feel and understand what I’m going through
I’m more than just a human living in your neighborhood
Can’t forget the pain
I’m hurt not only by the bitter truth
but the lies that kept me going
if you know how it feels to depart away
fall down like a leaf from the tree 
where you’ve lived for years and years
now I pretend to laugh
A 1000 Laughter everyday
as if nothing has happened
but it’s me who knows that nothing has been left
every color of hope has been swept
that’s the story of the man you see
living a quiet life in your neighborhood

Written by Muhammad Wasif Haq (2011)

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