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Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness.Interpreting Procrastination; Key to Success, Happiness and Wellness.

Procrastination is a natural and actually quite useful phenomena. Procrastination needs to be interpreted as it may contain valuable messages for us, following which we can achieve success and explore our real potential. Click to read.

Roxette Midis

Listen to the sweet midis and instrumentals of almost every song from Roxette. Midis from Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle & Gyllene Tider are also available here.

Dental Home Guide Page

The Alphabetical Organizers of Life

Discover and uncover your potential and power. Organize, manage, classify & simplify your life by following the alphabetical rules.

The Alphabetical Organizers of Life

Cool Bluez Media

Explore the collection of several Pakistani, Roxette, English music videos, along with Inspirational videos in Cool Bluez Media page. The small size videos make easier and quick viewing possible.

Cool Bluez Media

Super Mario Bros

One of the most coolest & popular game of all times. Lets experience epinephrine rush as you play and enjoy various versions in this one game. Click to download.

Super Mario Bros



Welcome To Cool Bluez- - The Place To Be

The Journey:

Salaam & a very warm welcome to "Cool Bluez"--The Place To Be'.The journey of Cool Bluez started in 2001 with hardly anyone knowing the site. With the passage of time, the site grew bigger & better becoming the 'Largest Personal Website of the World', but the journey certainly does not stop here.

Thanking Everyone For Their Love & Support!

Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq
(Karachi, Pakistan, 2007)
I would love to hear from you and your feedback. You can get in touch by Facebook, Twitter or even leave comments by
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Keep Shining Your Light

Spreading the light:

Take some time out to spread light, optimism, love & happiness. Remember "The only significant achievement we can ever make is our contribution in the lives of other people".
Life's a blessing, make the best out of it & give the world the best

Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq
(Islamabad, Pakistan, 2013)

Cool Bluez

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