External Factor Motivation

Not only has depression become a sort of fashion that some people find it the easiest method to gain attention, many people find life extremely hard to live regardless of the problems they have. Such people become worried easily, are indecisive about their own matters and keep searching for some support; some stand which can give them bit stabilization in life. If we are not determined and self confident, only then we would be running from one place to another in hope to find some motivation. But the most important factor to consider is that we can be the best source of our own energy. Learning to face the matters head on, dealing with the issues which confuse you and worry you will make you strong forever. On the other hand, spending time in hope that problems would get resolved on their own, hoping to acquire Aladdin’s lamp and expecting your life to become beautiful is like running away from the real you and seeking pseudo strength in life.

Likewise we often wish to reach certain stage in our life or career believing that once there; everything would become perfect. In reality; it is never the case. I would like to quote an example from my life during my Bachelors studies; my teachers used to say that I should work hard and try to get position in University of Karachi. Apart from my own dental college; there were 5 other dental colleges under University of Karachi. Taking position meant topping amongst all the 6 dental colleges. Though I came first in my college during my 2nd Prof B.D.S. exams, I used to think how lucky I would be if I can secure position in University of Karachi. The next year, I not only got 3rd position in University of Karachi but also secured distinction in all the subjects. Reaching that point made me realize that it’s nothing different, just a feather in a cap but I ended up realizing there were more pressures and bit more professional jealousies. Next year I thought that if I would be able to get my research work published during my student life and that too as ‘first author’ it would be a huge victory. Well not only one but two papers got published the next year, any impact? I guess nothing really significant. Next I thought that if I can win a gold medal, I would be one of the happiest and luckiest students. I won gold medal for my research work but life really never changed. So were my perceptions before publication of my research work in American and Canadian dental journals and the result was same.

Definitely career wise; I achieved multiple victories but ‘external’ factors cannot change your life. It can only change when you know how well you connect to your God, to your own spirit and soul, how much you can learn from your mistakes, how much you are willing to work hard on your nature to be able to become a better, a strong and a positive individual. If your focus is not on these factors, then no matter how many victories you may achieve, you would only find the level of stress and expectations increasing more and more.


 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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