Small Talk:

This Time Shall Pass Too

Once a king had a problem, he became very happy on any happy event and became extremely sad on sad events. It felt as if he could not control his emotions rather his emotions appeared to control him. Being quite disturbed by this extreme behavior, he asked his officials to do something about it. One of his officials was very wise, he wrote a sentence on the ring of king "This time shall pass too" and asked the king to read it whenever he becomes too happy or too sad, now whenever king was overjoyed, he read this line and felt that this happy time would be over soon and when he became sad , he read this line and realized that the sadness would not last forever and he remained in control.

The reality is that nothing lasts forever, nothing is permanent, when life itself will end one day so how come our happiness, joys, sadness, troubles or any other issue can last really forever? One of the common mistakes that we make is that when we are in happy mood, we take certain decisions in haste without thinking their consequences. Hence what is more wiser is to take our happy and our sad times with the same feeling that they would be over in a while so what would do next rather than to imagine to live forever in any state.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan. 



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