Small Talk:

If "No"

We are only good and nicer to people whom we expect to say "Yes" to our proposal and if they say "No", we change our behavior and often turn rude to them, only because we have been rejected by them. It is totally wrong because no person is under your command that he/she has to say "Yes". Everyone is a free independent human being and has the right will to choose the best for his/her life and he/she has again the equal right to say "No" to you if that person is not comfortable with you or your proposal.

when we think of ourselves as free individuals who can decide and choose to say no when we are not comfortable about anything, then according to what law on Earth do we think that people should do as we say or want them to do. It is no good, the real goodness is when people are happy with you when they are being themselves instead of being apparently obedient to you and inside of themselves suffocating because of your stubbornness.

So your behavior should be the same regardless of "Yes" or "No".


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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