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Positive of negative

You know nothing in life is really sad or happy, it's only the perception that makes it so, if you are optimistic, then you can always find your mood very happy. Many times in life we come across things and events that seem so hurting at first look and we wish that it may have never happened to us but as time goes by, we get more wise and understand that how very vital it was for some event to take place in our life because it improved us and made us more mature. Many things in life just happen to make us learn something, to make us change our direction and pathways to a better side. It may seem bit odd when we are going through crisis but in life, every little thing adds up to make a better you. 

So when you are faced with some tough time or crisis, always think 'what's here for me to learn?' instead of 'I feel so hollow and empty now'. If we only remain emotionally upset about things in life, then we can never know the deeper message that life is trying to teach us, we may never see deeper need to change things .Try to change the thinking and you will find your life changing. 

You may also have heard that loss of one is the gain of another, I have observed this proverb most visibly clear in the business world than in any other field. When one company suffers loss, the other one profits. As an example, people get sick and visit doctor, doctor in turn advises test and medicines and if you see this way, doctor, lab and pharmaceutical companies make their business and flourish. This is how interconnected we are in life to each other. If we observe it while being neutral, we can understand that nothing bad really happens in life.

Have the eye that finds goodness in every situation, try to find the best happiest side, the positive of the negative. It really helps.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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