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Happiness does not come from somewhere , it just lies in you, you just've to find out, happiness comes when you are nice, when you try to do a lot for other people, when you make a sad person happy , when you can give a discouraged soul the courage and some hope, help someone and smile at people, and you'll realize that the doors of happiness have opened in your life. Happiness comes from contributing something better, from lending helping hands to people who need it, it comes from loving everything whether living or non-living, it comes from respecting people around yourself.

Similarly happiness does not come with some fulfillment of a desire because sometimes you have everything but you are not happy even then, another important thing that don't wait for a bigger event to make yourself happy because the persons who don't become happy on little things never find a bigger event to make their mood happy either, enjoy the smallest thing to a maximum extent. The joy in celebrating the smaller events is 100 times bigger than the joy in waiting for an event to happen, coz bigger events never happen in the lives of those persons who ignore smaller events.

Happiness and all the things in life depend on our perception about things and events. If we carry a positive approach towards life, we would find that it is far times easier to enjoy life than if we carry a pessimistic approach.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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