Small Talk:

Ability to recognize good

We often see people who complaint constantly of conditions not going good, people not being honest, sincere and loyal etc etc. The problem is that not only we can feel often negative if we are constantly sitting in the company of such people and it may be possible that we also start to criticize people with no good reason. So one important concept that needs to be born in mind is that we look and recognize things that are often quite familiar and similar. Same is case with such people who criticize others a lot, it is largely that they themselves have the same qualities as they note in others while for those who talk good about other people, you would often notice that they themselves are nice people. The ability to recognize goodness in other people comes only when you have a heart that recognizes goodness, if you yourself carry an ugly, dark heart then no matter how good environment you may be in, you would be noticing only negative things.

What is more dangerous in such cases is that the more you keep criticizing people, the more your habits and negative thinking pattern would get strong and eventually you would be the one who would be seen as a depressed and pessimist. Hence it is always better to talk good about people and if you know nothing good about any person, then why not keep quiet and silently listen to others or alternatively you may want to change the topic of conversation?


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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