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Success and Failures

When we often become sad in life, we start to think of our sad times and failures and we are ourselves misbalancing the balances of life which later increase our tension and depression. The truth is that there is not a single person on the face of Earth who has never seen any success or not a single person who has always faced failures.

"Success and failures are the two sides of the same coin"-Wasif Haq.

How to deal with the success and failures?

1.Acknowleding both:

You must count both the success and the failures in your life to know where do you stand.

2.Don't take success on mind:

And if you do so, you would stop struggling, always remember your struggle towards success, the hindrances faced and strategies that helped you. Try planning that how you should double and triple your performance over a period of next 6 months to a year.

3.Don't take failures on heart::

And if you do so, you would become sad and would lose the hope to work more in your life, failures are the stairs to the success, don't be afraid of them, failures only mean that a certain thing can be done with more good way and in right way, try to analyze the factors that made you fail, a car that runs on a road may face accident at any time even if the driver has an experience of over 50 years.

Like when Edison went to light the bulb in public, he tried 99 times but the bulb didn't lit up, at the 100th time, the bulb lit up, at this , a person joked that he had failed 99 times, Edison replied that no he has not failed rather he has learnt 99 different ways that if he does would not lit up the bulb.

4.No guarantee :

Never think that once you have mastered something or learnt something very well that now you cannot fail again. You can fail or anything can go wrong anytime so be very open and perceptive towards anything in life. If you stubbornly and proudly believe that now no one can defeat you or you can never fail, then you yourself would create troubles for you. So even if you fail or win for most of the times, things will never be the same.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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