Something Will Happen

I remember it was 1990 and my friend was trying hard to teach me bicycling. Despite all the tips and tricks, I always lost balance, couldn't paddle and failed to learn bicycling. Both of us started losing hope till my friend came up with a wonderful plan. He took me to a raised ground, a sort of inclined plane and stood beside me, holding the bicycle from read end and gave it a push. With that push and movement of bicycle, I automatically started paddling. Interestingly my friend said that he was supporting the bicycle from read which made me quite confident that I would not fall. After a minute of cycling, I looked back and found that my friend was still there on that elevation and I was paddling the cycle on my own. Well this very realization that there is no support behind me, made me lose balance and I again fell down.

This is relevant when I find situations in which we are unsure, uncertain and not confident about how things would turn. Then there are some things which you just have to do it, get it started because 'something will happen' that will make you learn how to do it on your own. I firmly remember this line 'never stop believing' whenever I'm faced with a tough time in my life. 
"Believe and you will receive as you perceive".

Whenever I'm traveling on an unfamiliar road without the help of navigation, I have always found that there is a car always ahead of me which is more or less going to the same destination as me, I just need to follow it to reach successfully to a road which I'm familiar with.

So the help, clues and guidance will come in place but you have to take that very beginning yourself and you'll realize everything will fit in just like pieces of puzzle.


 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan. 


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