How Does The Habit Of Committing Sins Develop?

God wants us to be pure and humble so that we can win the love of God but Satan through his numerous tactics keep on diverting us from the right path. What Satan uses is "The wastage of limited time " given to humans by creating false desires and temptations. Here we'll find out how does the temptation for a sin arise, how the man feels like doing it and how he develops it as a permanent habit?

1.The nature of man:

Man has an impatient nature , he is inclined to get those things or those profits which he can get quickly and fast instead of those for whom which he has to wait. Satan uses this quality to attract the man.

2.Comfort of illusion and death:

The life of this world is explained in Quran as "Comfort of illusion" meaning that like an illusion has no reality, so the life of the world is just like that. Then comes the death to which every man believes as a reality but no one accepts it by heart, everyone thinks that he's not at least dying today, so he can do this sin now.

3.Whole life:

When a temptation of sin is just going to arise, Satan puts the thought in heart of man that he has his whole life , so nothing will happen if he commits the sin now , he has whole life time to do good works later.

4.The little temptation:

After all the points, Satan raises a little temptation for a sin in human heart and mind, if the man is close to God , this temptation can easily be controlled by man and he can survive the attack of Satan. After a while Satan arises the same temptation now to a more degree to which often the man feels like doing it as he starts to see the temporary satisfaction of temporary world and worldly desires.

5.The man commits the sin:

The man finally commits the sin , after committing the sin, man realizes that he did really wrong. After a while, Satan again arises the temptation for the same sin now to a level on which man feels like doing it. Those who after committing the sin do not ask God for forgiveness, get under the attack again. Now the man starts to feel negative and over burdened by the weight of his sin and tries to hide it from other people, till now the man's heart starts getting more inclined towards the worldly desires and colors.

6.Finally the man turns to satanic group:

If the man doesn't ask God even till now for forgiveness, Satan keeps on inducing false temptations in his heart. A very important factor in avoiding the sin is "Knowledge and acknowledging" of the fact that what I'm doing is not right and I'll be punished by God. But Satan through repetitions of all these steps make a man believe that there's nothing wrong in the work that he's doing, and this then develops as a habit of him.

7.One sins attracts another:

Being attracted/tempted to do one sin will increase the urge to do more of it and you soon find yourself progressing more towards wrong way, hence whenever you commit any sinful act, think and analyze and find the point, which brought you, thought to do that act. Therefore avoid bad thoughts as much as you can.


Things to avoid and ways to work:

1.Be close to God, read His message, understand it , accept it , apply it in your life , spread it so that you can recognize your enemy and his strategies through which he attacks you.

2.Life looks too big but when once death approaches a person, one finds that the time given to him to do something good, he has just wasted that in fun.

3.Behind every sin is a worldly desire. Islam doesn't ask us to leave the living for the world as in other religions of the world but Islam asks us to live the life for the purpose of God, in every act of life, Islam has provided you a way by which you can earn good deeds.

4.Satan never forces you by hand or at gunpoint to do a sin, he just presents you a false vision, the heart that is far away from God and close to the world falls prey to this vision.

5. A man committing a sin with the knowledge that it is a sin and warrants punishment from God; he/she is labeled as ‘proud’ if he/she still commits the sin after having the knowledge.

6.Whenever if one thing is even done wrong, ask God for forgiveness right at that instant otherwise you'll keep on doing the same sin again and again. And for forgiveness one thing that is very important is that the man should accept that he has done wrong and should have a strong will not to do the same sin again in life.

7.The time and the things over which we are given authority will be inquired about by God that where did we waste or use them, imagine what will be your answer?

8.Avoid being in the company of people who do not consider sins as "Sins".

9. When we spread the knowledge of religion, Satan induces a thought in us that we're very pure and others need correction; not us.This thought makes us feel as someone on whom law of God doesn't apply and we easily commit sins. Quran states about this thing that you preach other people good things while you forget your own self? 

It is hence very important to stay away from sin even if we are saints and consider ourselves as human beings like others and law of God is for everyone.

10. We don't know that either the next second we're going to live or not, think that the next moment you decide to commit a sin and you're doing it that your death approaches you and you die while doing a sin. What if you find that only and only if you had not done that one sin, you would've won a place in heaven? What if you find that only 1 sin led you to hell fire?

11. Start controlling the little temptations of heart and become strong. On the other hand following temptations makes us weak and Satan has a command over only those people who are weak.



Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.





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