Evaluation Is Necessary

Modern science with all it's accessories giving us a false perception as if these are the necessities of life which serves to only occupy our time and how the 24 hours of the day fly by; we hardly notice. Running for the unnecessary makes us feel so exhausted and tired that the only thing we see is bed and a cycle starts where we keep running and revolving in.

But what about breaking away from this unproductive cycle? What about moving away from center to find that there are precious things in life as well? And one of the most precious thing is spending time with our own self, to evaluate and analyze ourselves and our doings.

Everyday do try to find out what good did you do, what bad has been done by you and talk to yourself on how you can improve it?

Life was much better when people had time to talk to each other and discuss the matters of their lives. It kept them connected with other people and saved them from developing antisocial attitudes that modern technology has provided.

Evaluation is only possible if we have clearly defined goals and are willing to invest ample amount of time and energy to achieve these goals. If our time and energy is consumed up by social sites, entertainment and other sources to the extent that neither we can work to achieve our goals, nor can we sit to analyze where we go wrong, we will end up as total and complete failures. Therefore have time for evaluation because it is only through evaluation that the chances for improvement are increased.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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