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Secret Of Shining

People often feel work as tough and boring and then there are the claims that whatever we do, we cannot reach to the top  position, it's already saturated. So what is so different amongst the people who are more successful than others? Few things that I have observed personally is that 'people who love their work succeed more'. We can succeed anywhere if we understand our work, love ourselves and people around us, feel happy about our work, feel motivated and energetic. So if we have all the above mentioned ingredients in our personality, we are bound to enjoy our work more.

Another thing that really helps us in improving our work is to 'accept our mistakes and take responsibility'. Till the time humans keep working, they will keep making mistakes and then again there is certainly nothing wrong with making mistakes because mistakes make us learn something better. Successful people are responsible and even if they do wrong, they admit their mistakes and take responsibility for it while unsuccessful people will keep blaming and putting excuses on other things thereby blocking chances of improvement. So even if things go wrong, accept and understand where you went wrong. Being able to understand the problems and issues of the co-workers or people working under you will also make you more successful in the way that you could understand which fronts your company and colleagues are facing difficulties and you could take measures to improve it resulting in improvement of your organization. 

So work hard and bring in your best efforts, you create your own place. You make your own fate by yourself, you make your own way to reach to the highest position. Those who try new experiments, believe in endless efforts, for them there is always a new world, only thing that matters for such people is their interest and efforts. And last but not the least, be fun oriented, try to keep your work environment light so that not only you but everyone enjoys to work there. 


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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