The Farmer And His Apples

Once upon a time there was a farmer who did not work very hard , people disliked him and no one kept him as a farmer.

Once a night he saw that if he did not work hard ,he'll die so he should be a good farmer so that God should be happy with him , people should also be happy with him , he tried another chance , this time he worked in a very rich family.He workerd very hard day and night and filled all the garden with the seeds of apples , now he prayed to God that he should be blessed with His blessings as he worked sincerely well this time. As the season came , unexpectedly except a little portion in the garden , no seed turned into a plant. Only 5 plants grew out of the 50 seeds , the farmer had sown.

The farmer was very disheartened and thought that whatever he may do , he will not be successful , saying this he sat down.

His friend listened to all his story of hard work and said to the farmer "You did your 100% efforts, and the result of your hard work did not appear, sometimes God does not give the proper result of your hard work at that time , but later in life when you need something , God gives you the result of your hard work and saves you". Farmer listened to the advice of his friend but did not believe it.

Next month , many gardens of the city caught fire and the beautiful gardens of the city turned to ashes. Now was the time when God showed him the result of his hard work , the city was deficient of apples, people were buying apples on the price of gold. Suddenly farmer saw that some more plants turned into trees from his sowed seeds.

The remaining 45 seeds also turned into trees. He sold the apples of his 5 already grown trees into the marker , new trees also bore apples of good quality and farmer became very rich. he became so rich that he married the princess of the country.


Hard working never goes in vain, don't expect the result of your hard working at once. It may not appear soon but will definitely appear later and will give you success.




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