Imagine if you want to say something extremely essential to someone and that person never has enough time for you to listen. You would feel hugely neglected and sad. What if that someone is you and the person who wants to convey important message to you is your inner conscience. One of the greatest miseries that the modern times have brought is that it took away ‘our time from us’. We seem to be busy in things which are really not essential with the result that even 24 hours a day seem insufficient. We wake up, start our day and just realize hey the day is gone.

Let’s pause here for a while and turn to the most important voice; the voice of your conscience.  The more time you spend knowing and understanding yourself, the more you can groom yourself in a positive manner. Many times ‘talking to yourself’ reveals plenty of new ideas and solutions to troubles that you would have never thought you could find yourself. Have time to ‘listen to your heart’, realize what makes you happy and what increases your worth. Think over the areas of your life which need grooming, which need a little more time and effort of yours.

What happens usually is that we tend to runaway from situations that are hard. The best example is the average student preferring to play and spend leisure time only to realize in the end that only if he/she had studied, things would have been much better. Procrastination and delaying the important tasks actually pushes us away from success, from the solution to our troubles. If however, we spend time in correcting the identified problems, seeking help and implementing that help too, we will come out really groomed and improved.

Further there is always some unique talent and special qualities that exist in you. During teaching some 500 students, I realized that every student had a distinct identity, a specialty, some uniqueness. Each of them needed encouragement and care to help them groom their talent. At the end, I found that only those excelled who spent enough time developing and polishing their raw talent into excellence, those who kept trying and trying again, who were willing to give all the time needed to nourish and flourish their skills.

Do you know what your special talent is? Did you try to find out your specialty? Something that you are good at and can do with never ending interest? Work on it and if you succeed to develop your skills, you will discover your specialty.

Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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