"Enjoy" The Tough Moments

During my childhood when only cassettes without lyrics leaflet were released and there was no facility of internet for home users, listening to songs was always accompanied with self imagination of lyrics. One of such songs where I assumed lyrics was "Here comes the weekend" by Roxette. It had a line 'the fine line from pleasure to pain' which I understood as 'define life from pleasure to pain'. As Roxette was one of the huge influences in my life, I started asking people if they could say one word about life in relevance to both; pleasure and pain. Out of many interesting responses, the one amazing response I got was the word 'enjoy'. Upon hearing the response I asked "How can you enjoy life in pain?" The reply was "If you can, the pain and trouble wouldn't bother you much". Well, I really found it to be one of the biggest realities in my life.

Traveling to Lahore with all it's busy traffic always scared me. Once I got in to a city busy which was overloaded with people. I could hardly see outside the window. I could not wait for another bus as it was getting late. So here was I. People were pushing against each other. At that moment, my mind just recalled the word 'enjoy' and I literally could feel the magic in coming moments. I started to take all that as an experience, as an adventure and as a challenge which made me enjoy the half hour or so journey. Rather that journey remains one of the memorable journeys ever because despite the difficulties, I learnt to think good and positive which really eased the pain.

Therefore do try to take a break from seriousness and 'enjoy' the tough moments as well. Believe me you would survive through.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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