Unblock The Typical Mindset


I remember seeing an advertisement on Pakistani channels which showed a satisfied customer stating that why change when you are satisfied? For much part of my life, I believed the same that if you are happy and satisfied then why think of switching over to something else? Avoiding change is associated with a false sense of security and comfort. The idea of change often puts huge challenges in mind, the most important one being will I be able to cope up with the change?

Change is necessary as it provides the opportunity to think and work in new directions. As they say that there is always a room for improvement. Likewise there is always a need for change.

Many of the companies, organizations and people who did not change became similar to ‘extinct species’. While those who thought about change and worked in the direction ahead of current time, anticipating change not only survived but also progressed ahead. Few examples are the companies such as Kodak; a household brand known for making photographic films had to close down because of the popularity of digital cameras and photography. TDK; a company once famous for manufacturing excellent audio tapes became obsolete due to the trend of C.D.’s, M.P3’s etc. Nokia; a company once renowned for making user friendly phones started suffering down trend in sales because of more user friendly smart phones.

On the other hand, there are certain companies which anticipated change and survived through decades. One of them is Sony electronics. The company started in 1946 with only 8 employees; the brand has retained it’s superiority in electronics such as T.V., laptops, Play station, digital cameras, medical equipment and so on.

The above examples signify the importance to explore and develop new strengths. If we remain satisfied today, we may be heading towards ‘extinction’ tomorrow. Apart from market and business aspects; the unblocking of the mindset is essential for healthy living as well. If we do not update our selves, we can become bored, exhaustive and fatigued from everything in life. The set patterns can lock us in stagnation phase where we do not think ahead rather try to ‘do the same’. Another example that I would like to quote is of my late English teacher who used to teach us in an extremely boring manner that majority of the class slept. Upon asking how does he feel about his job, he answered that he feels no passion, no enthusiasm in his job because he had been teaching that same English syllabus since 33 years. When I joined teaching myself, I feared of becoming a boring person like my teacher. To avoid it, I always tried to bring something new to my students, even if it was not related directly to the syllabus but it helped to keep everyone interested in the classroom.  On the other end, if I would have also followed ‘an established pattern’, teaching for me would have become extremely boring and my students as well would have lost the interest.

Therefore it is the need of the hour to think beyond what we think as ‘alright’, discover more than what we think is ‘sufficient’ and anticipate more than what we think is ‘enough’.


Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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