Speak In Limits

Too much of anything is bad and it is just what Islam tells ‘speak well or else remain quiet’. Research tells that people who speak excessively turn the potential of their brain downside, hence if we want to remain wise and genius, we must choose to have moments of peace, silence and tranquility as well rather than turn into a gasbag. It is also observed that people who speak less make fewer blunders and retain their dignity and prestige. It does not mean to behave totally awkward; hardly speaking with others but one should be thoughtful about what to say and how to say. Some people are saying the right thing but their message seems never effective just because they do not know the right way to say the same.

With few words, the message does not get diluted. As science tells us that our brain can concentrate for a maximum of 5 minutes without any interruption, imagine how well we can understand and retain the content if someone starts to speak for hours and hours. Similarly, another disadvantage of speaking more than required is that people who speak more often reveal secrets and confidential matters because they are always trying to fill in every minute, every moment with conversation.

Another aspect which needs consideration is to balance the conversation; that is to give the other person chance as well to speak and share opinions. I like what Marie Fredriksson of Roxette says that she doesn’t like to give interviews because it is very boring to talk about the same stuff again and again.

It certainly makes me think that why not have good conversations with people where they share their experiences and opinions rather than you repeating the same stuff again and again.



 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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