The mental judge-Judgemental

Labeling, classifying and categorizing people into our self made categories only yileds and cultivates negative perceptions about people. What is wrong in accepting people the way they are trying to find good qualities in them? No single soul can be entirely good or bad then why label?

Does forming concrete conclusions about people help to make good interactions with them or does it block the ways of interaction with them? Are people given a choice to be born and raised in a particular area or family? Then what makes you believe that you can form a definitive opinion and conclusions about them?

Mind and heart need to feel free, to be able to gather facts and believe. Preformed opinions, misconcieved conceptions and wrong perceptions only make you lose and suffer as you turn away your eyes and mind from the actual facts. Actual facts and real picture can only be seen once you accept people and things as they are. Trying to judge people or form conclusive statements about them actually blocks your vision to see them any different from what you inflexibily believe.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq,  Islamabad, Pakistan.


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