Individuality That Matters!

A best leader is the one that helps one find and discover the best direction. We often make mistake of trying to mould people in molds through which we have passed through or of the ideals we have in our minds. The most workable situation is when we let others develop their technique and help them improve in their own way. It is because every person is unique, different and has different circumstances than ours. All of these factors can influence the learning process. If we start to believe that since it worked for me, it must work for everybody, we would be halting and hampering the process of learning.

 Today I was reading an interview of Mohammad Hafeez; Pakistani all rounder cricketer known as ‘professor’, in which he expressed a little discontentment about a coach. He said that that particular coach tried to make everyone look, behave and play like him. This did not end there, the coach even used to direct from pavilion to the players on what to do. Hafeez accordingly said that it did not work well.

It applies to every field where you are supervising things. Do not attempt to enforce yourself and ‘your ideas’ unnecessarily onto others. Things can be better learnt where people are given the confidence, encouragement and opportunity to try doing things their way because it is only then they realize what works best for them. Once I was asked in an interview that given a chance to work at an established medical clinic or a new clinic, which one would I select. My answer was the latter one for the reason that I could experiment and evolve my technique of managing things. When someone tries to enforce their strategies and techniques on us, the results are often devastating. Furthermore, the difference, the diversity and variability helps to search for better alternatives; it promotes research and thinking process.

The best results can only be obtained when the knowledge is combined with unique talent and skill that the learner possesses. Attempts to deliver knowledge without catering for the unique talent and skill of the learner is never fruitful.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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