Humbleness doesn't mean to act negative or apologetic

At times when people praise us, we try to act humble and down to earth pretending as if we have don't nothing significant. There are plenty of examples when people with low self esteem say that they only win because no one else was better or it was due to chance and luck. This assumed humbleness does not help anyone and especially you.

One doesn't have to be negative or apologetic when taking compliments or talking about his/her success. You build your own image yourself and you need to show that you really worked hard to deserve the success that you achieved. Even if it happened by luck, you still went to buy that ticket, participated in an event or so on. Therefore there is effort involved on your part. Plus luck favors those who rightly deserve it, not those who sit idle and do nothing.

Do not be regretful upon moments of success, trying to put negative qualities/aspect in front of everybody. Instead, you can learn to enjoy success, talk about factors that made you work particularly well in the right direction, give credit to people who helped you and above of all be determined to do even more.

See the clip below where Mohammad Hafeez; the best all rounder in one day international matches ranked by International cricket council, handles success instead of being apologetic or low about himself or his team's success. And yes the player happens to be one of the most humble person in the cricket team.


Mohammad Hafeez pays tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah,25th December,2012


Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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