Where Did You Learn Your Good Manners From?

Can you think of all the good acts that you came across while interacting with different people? Some may be humble, some may be courteous, some would have been extremely polite and helpful etc. All the good things that you know and do are basically learnt, acquired and adapted from somewhere else. Imagine if someone did not do that particular act in a good way, did not impress you so you would never know about those good manners and behaviors.

The story does not end here that you see someone doing a good act, appreciate and move on. Every good act should stimulate you to simulate the same. It becomes responsibility of you to keep that good act alive and pass it on to others to help them become good individuals as well. If someone impressed you by their good act, you should also keep ‘repeating’ the good tasks so that people learn good manners from you too. If you would not do so, good manners may become extinct species. This is basically the essence of life. How many people become good because of the light that you spread by being a shining candle? The good you do today will come back to you at a time when you would need it the most.

Importantly when someone behaves in good way with you; you are in debt to that person. The best way to return pay that debt is to behave in best possible way with that person.

In this regard I would like to mention the example of security guard in the car parking of my college. Everyday that I walk towards my car, he greets me with a warm smile and a happy greeting. It somehow jumpstarts my day, boosts my mood and makes me energetic to start my day. Further the acknowledgment of good act and behavior is also very necessary. You may never know that your some words of encouragement and appreciation may help to motivate someone to keep doing the good act.

Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan. 


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