Foolish Wisdom

If having wisdom makes human proud, arrogant and ignorant towards his Creator then such wisdom is certainly and surely foolishness. If creatures and all the things created live in harmony, then why do humans conflict? What is our basis of arrogance and ignorance? If every creature is obedient and can be tamed, why does the thinking being choose to revolt? Why do have such little faith and live in doubts? Wasn't Earth made for us then why do we choose to destroy the same?

Where is the line that makes mind an useful entity and the line that marks it a destruction planner? Is wisdom the reason for conflicts? Does thinking by the brain makes human foolishly believe him/herself to be superior than everything? Have we gone so much ahead in our arrogant minds that we have started to neglect the nature and Creator of every creature?

Where is our final destination? Do we exactly know we are reaching towards the right goal? If wisdom makes you mock and doubt over absolute realities, such wisdom can only be called as 'foolish wisdom'.


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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