If negative acts deserve correction and criticism, so does positive work deserve appreciation. Many of us are quite quick at giving the negative feedback but when it comes to positive feedback, we seem much reluctant and hesitant. But the feedback is important because people can deliver more and in the right direction, once they know their work is valued. If we would not tell what makes us feel happy or sad, then how can we expect the other person to know the same and behave accordingly?

I remember driving through heavy rain of Islamabad. It was intense cold that day and the heavy rain had caused electricity disconnection to the traffic signals causing huge traffic jam. 

Being stuck at the round about with hundreds of cars waiting to cross the round about; someone did their job nicely and saved all of us our lives, time and cars. The traffic police warden standing in the center of round about was doing his job in best possible manner. Despite heavy rain and severe cold, noise of blowing horns and some cars splashing water as they passed by, the warden continuously helped to clear the traffic. 

While I had put the car heating system on, it made me think of how tough his job was. I wished to stop by to thank him and appreciate for doing such a tough job with full responsibility, I couldn't do so as stopping the car to reach to warden in huge traffic block seemed difficult.

I did go that day without giving the required feedback but it increased the level of respect towards this profession.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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