Let's Discourage People

Silence can be mistaken fro weakness or approval, allowance to do any inappropriate act. There may be situations where you cannot say much or do much but there will be plenty of situations or opportunities where your voice can make a difference. In such instants, remaining silent, giving a signal as if Ďitís okí will be taken by the other person as a sign of appreciation by you and if the consequences are bad, your silence would always be held accountable and you would be responsible for all the effects as well.

In our society, an example of a thief is quoted. When he was a child, he stole a henís egg from neighbors and brought it to his mother. His mother did not condemn this robbery thinking that itís nothing more than a childish act. The child assumed as if Ďitís okí to steal things and developed a habit of stealing more and more. This awful habit kept increasing and with time, he started indulging in major sins as well. What started as a small robbery made him a killer as well. One day police caught him in a murder case and court announced death penalty to him. When he was brought to be executed, the policeman asked him that if he had any last wish to be fulfilled. He said that he wants to see his mother before he dies. When his mother came to meet him; he wished to say few words in his motherís ears. What happened next was that he bit his motherís ear as she brought her ear close to him. When the policeman asked him that why did he do so, he replied that only if his mother had discouraged him the very first day he stole the egg of neighborís hen, he wouldnít have attempted to rob again. It was only due to his motherís silence that he assumed that it is fine to steal things and he ended up being here.

So letís do our part. Letís start to discourage people when they are attempting to do wrong acts. At the most easiest level, we can discourage them whenever people make negative and humiliating criticism on others and backbite about others. Imagine how wonderful can be the society where no one speaks anything bad about others? It can be possible only if you and me play our Ďdiscouragingí the wrong acts part really well.


 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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