Difficulties: It's Actuality & Reality

We simply decline and refuse to do plenty of tasks labeling them difficult and impossible to complete but we must ask our selves what exactly is difficult? Is it our resistance to anything which disturbs our comfort zone? Or is it something that can be achieved with a little patience, persistence and effort?

Humans have tremendous amount of potential  and talent in their bodies and souls, therefore I define difficulty as something which is a lock/barrier in preventing us from exploring our own selves.

Once difficult time is over, you come up as a brave individual and become strong than ever.

 Learn to take difficulties as jumping up to higher level in a video game. You know that a jump is necessary to reach to a better life. Jumping up always requires more effort and energy than staying on the same ground (comfort zone) but the comfort zone can become the extinction zone anytime.

Therefore to survive, jumping up, facing the difficult and tough times is very necessary. As Abraham Lincoln said that “only the test of fire makes fine steel”; hence instead of worrying about difficulties, learn to look at tough times as opportunities to refine you and make you a fine individual.

Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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