Rather not gather

I've always wondered about the term 'collector's item'. Does it help to solve and resolve
anything or only dissolve our hard earn money into making a dead investment? Apart from a
short lived and less often shared happiness, the precious purchasing of rare, collector's
item gives us no benefit.

In today's life where we have bombarded ourselves with un-necessary tasks, activities and
contacts, how much time can we spare everyday to see and appreciate the collector's item?
Instead that money can be saved for use in some time of crisis or spent to fulfill the needs
of those around us who are in more hard times than us and can be helped by us?

What would be obtain if we keep on gathering all the things that appeal to us or were 'once'
liked by us? As I say "Happiness doesn't come to selfish minds and souls, it floats to those
who think high and above than the materialistic goals".


Written by Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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