Variable Circumstances

Mostly we get angry when things donít go out way. But what is important is only if we can remind our selves that everyone has variable circumstances. We may not lose temper rapidly. Much of our anger and all its related dangers can be reduced if we give the opportunity and time to understand the reasons of people doing certain acts which seem to annoy us.  This way it will be less likely to lose our temper and get furious because we lost temper only when we feel that things are illogical and beyond our understanding.

I read an example in a book that a person was standing in the bus and was constantly being stepped over by another person. This person tried to ignore the mistake twice or thrice but when it happened for another time, this person made up his mind to give the trouble causing person a piece of his mind. Boiling in anger; when the person turned around to fight with the person who was constantly stepping over his foot, he realized that that person was blind and could not see. Due to the overload in bus, the blind person could not balance himself and often stepped over the feet of other people.

So if this anger is cooled, people are given space and opportunity to explain themselves and if we are willing to look at matters through other peopleís eyes as well, all of our relationships would become happy and worth having.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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