Charms Of Time

Everything looks good at a certain age, a certain moment of life and afterwards all charm is lost. As time passes by, you come to understand the reality of ‘all that glitters’.

Many things are brought and bought by us thinking that we really need them. In reality, we rarely get to use all the things that we purchase and spend our time and money upon. This is because many of the items are never needed. As time passes by, these things which are only ‘charms of time’ start becoming obsolete, only to end up gathering space and dust in some storeroom. It is not necessary that anything which you once enjoyed or made you happy at a particular time will always make you happy and deserves your money, time and energies.

I would like to quote the example of purchasing a mini-Nintendo videogame. Definitely during my childhood, I enjoyed playing Nintendo. After some 15 years when I saw mini version of the gaming console, I immediately made up my mind to buy it as there were lots of good memories associated with that game. Initially I spent some time of my day playing the game but sooner I realized that it failed to be as much ‘fun’ as much it used to be before. The current status of the game; well it lies somewhere hidden under my books. Months have gone by and I did find neither time, nor motivation to play the same game again.

Buying the game again was not that much fun as I had assumed.

In conclusion, the need for having things should be determined rather than the charm and glitter which will start to fade away the moment you buy the thing.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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