Casual Attitude

Your life is as you take it and as you make it. If you take life as fun, life will make your fun and if you take life seriously, then life will take you seriously as well. You build your own image, respect and dignity. It should come as no surprise that people can behave badly with you only to the extent that you allow them to do so. How? It is because if you portray yourself as a non-serious person, the people will make sure to use you, seduce you and abuse you. You would only be used as a stepping stone.

If you remain careful in your dealings with others, they would also be extremely careful in dealing with you. Imagine it this way that every action has a reaction. With life; all the actions done by others have their reactions manifesting on none other than us. I have rarely seen people with casual attitude reaching to top most positions in their careers or even having good relationship.

You play a major role in how people treat you.

A person with casual attitude is always loaded with burdened trouble list. It  is because a person who cannot fulfill the responsibilities will always be a source of troubles and problems either for himself or  for someone else. Then, another worst thing that can happen is that with casual attitude, these people are the easiest ones to be blamed and society often gives them ‘shut up’ call because they seem to carry no dignity, no prestige, giving an overall impression that they can be treated in anyway.

 Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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