Take My Brain But Not My Tongue

Dear friends, this is the topic that has never been debated before ; Take my brain but not my tongue.

Nobody now-a-days is actually using his brains, so it is expiring day by day. We should not forget that now is the time when one should not waste time on unnecessary objects.
So to start with my topic, I would like to remind you people that 99% of you people do not think before you speak. You do not feel the need of using your mighty brain, which is I guess there to keep the balance of the body. Nowadays people do not have time to undergo such a long process, you see stopping, thinking, putting the thought into right kind of words is a very tiresome job. So an easy way out of this whole thing is to actually speak before you think. You know it is not only easy but in fashion also.
Gone are the days when people used to have time to listen and act. Nowadays the world is moving too fast, depending on this, the decisions have to be taken fast as well. If you would stop for thinking ,people would actually run before you could utter, so don't waste their time thinking but keep them busy talking.
Brain has become such an unimportant requirement nowadays that believe you me I can live without my brain cells but not without my taste buds. What importance do they have in my body is really of no use to me, but if one day I wake up and come to know that my sense of taste has gone away, what would I do? Oh no , I don't even want to think about it. Different kinds of food, drinks and what not and what not, I can't live without the tongue so I again conclude that take my brain but not my tongue.
Take my brain because I don't use it much anyway. It sleeps in my skull everyday , it does no work at all. On the other hand, my tongue has to work so much all day,all the celebrity gossip, all the spreading of spicy hot news, all the 3 hours market bargaining and our favorite hobby backbiting is all done by tongue not my brain.
When I have to praise my boss, fight with my spouse,pretned,eat and take advantage of the situation I use only my tongue, what use this big brain is having in mine and yours body? I simply don't understand. This is my tongue that does wonders, so I do not need my brain anymore, when it is here in my body for son long but has not given me even one advantage. Take it, if you want it, I'm ready to lent it to you.
Brain has lost it's reputation with important people, the one who are running countries. Look around! Don't you see Bush , do you think he is using this unique accessory that he has in his dumb skull, no no no. He does not have time to to waste, he takes the decisions quickly using his tongue. With his tongue, he is ruling the poor United States, had he ever used his brains, he would have been unpopular among people. Now, he is a president of United States by using his tongue. (That's another thing that sometimes you can find that he does not know how to use tongue as well!).
Don't you see the great functions of the tongue, our politicians, actresses, dress designers, people who are running the restaurants, teachers, doctors are all dependant on their business success on the extent to which they use their tongue and even now our cricketers are using this blessing of God as well to save themselves. Brain often gets confused but the tongue never undergoes through this phase of confusion but always utters whatever it wants to.
With your tongue they say you can win people over, take advantage of the situations, express yourself and do a lot more, but brain is as compared to to my mighty tongue keeps resting in my skull all the time and is of no use to me. So sir, please take my brain but not my tongue.
Hey, do not you know how boring would life be if everybody starts thinking and stops talking!. Would you be able to understand each other? The world would be full of the noises of the machines and nothing else. Relation would be broken, messages would be lost, and love given would be like love denied. No no no I guess half the world would by that time be gone or dead forever, only hearts would be pumping, brain would be thinking all the time.
Get to think of this where would all the women of the world go if they could not talk but think. This would become a big problem of the women of the world for countries after atomic issues, the silent women!. How would the women then complaint to their husbands about little things in life, fight with their mother in law, lie about their social status, what not and what not?
To conclude sir, take my brain with pleasure and do tell me if it starts working without being dependant on my tongue, whereas my tongue never needs brain seriously.



The basic idea for this article was provided by "Khuram John Sardar", the article has been written by Miss.Sarah and has been edited and made as a web page by Wasif Haq


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