Food Wasting Dudes

In parties and function, some Ďdudesí can always be found who fill their plates with food as if they are going to have their last meal in life. Unfortunately they never eat as much as they fill their plates; and yes you are right, all the left, Ďun-eatení food goes wasted. This article is about those Ďanti-food dudesí.

1.  The 20 minutes cycle:

When we take first bolus of food, after 20 minutes the brain receives the signal from stomach that it is full and we should stop eating. Therefore we can eat maximum food in the initial 20 minutes, starting from the time the very first piece of food enters our stomach. Therefore people who fill their plates to maximum rarely get chance to eat all the good because of the 20 minutes inhibitory cycle. Likewise people who eat slowly will eat less. Alternatively we may fill our plate as many times as we like but only if we have finished all the meal in our plate as many times we would find that after those 20 minutes, we do not feel like eating anything more.

2. The heart risk:

The heart of a 70 Kg adult pumps almost 5 Liters of blood in a minute. If our weight increases to 80 Kg, the heart has to pump 6 Liters of blood in a minute (1 ml for every 1 kg) which increases the cardiac workload causing the weakening of heart muscles. This increased load increases the chances for heart failure and other heart diseases. If at the end you have to pay for the treatment of a diseased heart, why not save your heart in the first place from harmful effects of over eating?

3. Occupying tables:

Another awful habit is when Ďanti-food dudesí occupy the table on which dishes are served which causes difficulty for others to reach to food. Either done intentionally or unintentionally it really reflects the greediness of these Ďanti-food dudesí who seem to believe that they would not get any chance to eat food anywhere else. Ideally, if you have taken food, find a seat to sit and enjoy comfortably what you have added in your plate and give space to others.

4. Food as a gift:

Food is a gift, a blessing from God. We do not like to give gifts to people who donít value it, likewise be thankful to God and avoid wasting His gift for you. Someone may have to sleep empty stomach just because of the food you wasted today.


Written By Dr. Muhammad Wasif Haq, Islamabad, Pakistan.



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