Small Talk:

Against The Ethnic Division

When God created Adam, He did not create him of any race, neither put him in any country. Similarly when any women conceives a child, nor is she asked nor the child asked that in which state, which country would the child like to get born? Likewise, we did not have any choice to choose our origin, then what's the point in classifying and labeling people according to their origin and roots?

Think about it that are we not all the generation of first man God created? Are we not all humans who breathe and who are created by same God? Is there anything even more important than a human life, a human soul? Are our self made differences so greater that we sit and label people according to their origin and ethnic backgrounds and totally ignoring any good quality that that person has and what good that person contributes to our life?

And what's the point in labeling people? How can we generalize our opinions about human beings belonging from certain areas? Have we the heavenly knowledge that can never be inaccurate that all the people from one place, one country, one cast would definitely act the same way?  And who told us that xyz generation or race is superior or inferior? Just because you belong from one place does not make you superior or eligible to be loved and all the rest people in this world as foolish ones.

It's time to change, it's time to generate positive thoughts. It's time to talk about similarities, to know, to discover people not to create walls having no strength at all.


Written by Dr.Muhammad Wasif Haq, Karachi, Pakistan.




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